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10 Manliest Men In Entertainment

There's a whole lot more to being a man's man than just having awesome chest hair (although, that's a big part of it). From Jack Nicholson to Tim Allen--whose new show Last Man Standing, premiering Tuesday Oct 11, 8|7c on ABC, is all about the qualities that make a man manly--these guys are all doing it right.

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  • 1. Alec Baldwin

    Every role Alec Baldwin has played is overrun by manliness and charm, from the scotch-swilling corporate executive Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock to marine lieutenant Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October.

  • 2. Nathan Fillion

    What's more masculine than playing the captain of a spaceship run by vigilantes in a western-themed scifi series?

  • 3. Sean Connery

    The most iconic James Bond. And that's just for starters.

  • 4. Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood's legendary visage has been on the screen (and behind it) for decades, and virtually every role he's played has been a badass one.

  • 5. Jack Nicholson

    You can't handle the truth, that Jack Nicholson is still one of the manliest men in entertainment, even at 74.

  • 6. George Clooney

    The most well-known bachelor on the planet, George Clooney is charming and rugged, with a huge array of masculine characters under his belt.

  • 7. Steven Seagal

    This list's not necessarily about great acting. Even if most of the people on it are excellent actors, Steven Seagal's definitely the one who's kicked the most butt.

  • 8. Harrison Ford

    Harrison Ford has the perfect mug, voice, and style to play any man's man. He's Indy, I mean, come on.

  • 9. Christian Bale

    Either as a suave businessman (and uh, a bit more) in American Psycho or the face of the newest Batman, Christian Bale is one of the manliest men around.

  • 10. Tim Allen

    Tim Allen's been playing a man's man for most of his career, which itself started based on his comedy talking about the differences between men and women. He's got a new series premiering Tuesday Oct 11, 8|7c on ABC called Last Man Standing, and it's about just that: but begs the question, "How does a man survive in a woman's world?"