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15 Times Wearing Glasses Got In The Way Of Literally Everything

If wearing glasses is your "thing," it's time to ask yourself why. Say goodbye to your pesky glasses and make a change for the better with LASIK.

1. When they somehow get dirty even though you JUST cleaned them.

2. When you find out the movie's in 3D.

3. When you're down to make out.

4. When science deems your glasses fog up-able.

5. Sweaty? You’ll be pushing those frames up every 10 seconds.

6. When you get a zit riiiight where the frame sits on your nose.

7. When your sunglasses need prescription lenses and your bank account needs more money.

8. When it rains.

9. When you can’t remember where you threw them last night before crashing into bed.

10. When you find out that you actually slept on them and broke the frame.

11. That glare tho.

12. When you have to venture out without your glasses or contacts and you have a perma–stank face.

13. When you’re trying to enjoy your life and a friend asks, “OMG, can I try your glasses on?”

"Sure, I won't really know what you look like in them though."

14. You can't just own one pair because you will break or lose your glasses at some point.

15. When you realize the general stress of having a small, fragile object be in such major control of your life.

When you treat yourself to LASIK, you’ll discover what freedom from glasses or contacts really means. With zero down, zero payments and zero interest, this flexible option lets you live now and pay later.