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12 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who Wears Glasses

Kick your annoying glasses to the curb and #upgrade your eyes with LASIK.

1. The struggle is always real when you can't see clearly.

Struggle is real when you're trying to find your glasses after you take your contacts out

2. Like, sorry not sorry.

yooo if u see me not wearing glasses and u greet me from a distance i might not recognize u lol sorry

3. Because this is bound to happen more often than not.

If you ever see me mean muggin & I know you & I look your way without my glasses on.. Don't be offended, I just can't see you lol

4. Glasses get in the way.

I just tried to rub my eye and forgot I had glasses on

5. Even though you rely on them for all that good good learning and stuff.

First day of classes for me and I forgot my glasses so I can't see any of the presentations lol

6. But not when it comes to bedtime. Boi bai.

The struggle of trying to lay on your side with glasses on is very real

7. People watching is never easy either.

I will be people watching SO hard thinking I'm wearing my sunglasses, only to realize that I am wearing my prescription glasses

8. When it comes to enemies, may they all have glasses.

Low-key curse for low-key enemy: "May you buy the perfect mascara but find that it makes your lashes bang constantly against your glasses."

9. Wearing glasses also means you gotsta be careful of your dance moves.

tonight I head banged so hard my glasses flew off my face. If that doesn't describe me idk what does

10. And people even see you differently...

*tries to do puppy eyes Lizbeth: Lol that don't work one me *takes of glasses Lizbeth: omg stop your eyes are so pretty

11. way differently.

Two different people today told me that they like my "nerd glasses." They are my prescription glasses lol.

12. *Sighs* One can only dream.

Sometimes it blows my mind that there are people that don’t wear glasses/contacts. Like they wake up and just be out here seeing. Wild.

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