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    19 Reasons Why I Chose Not To Make A New Year's Resolution

    A New Year's resolution in 2023? Be for real.

    New year, new me.

    Just kidding. I'm still the same, but I chose to avoid New Year's resolutions this year, and I love that for me!

    I could write a book about why I made that decision, but here are 19 reasons instead.

    1. I can make small goals throughout the year.

    2. I have goals from last year I'd like to complete.

    3. I previously made resolutions that resulted in disappointment.

    4. I'm an overthinker.

    5. I'm journaling and tapping into manifestations.

    6. I think it's a little crazy to focus on improving once a year.

    7. Life is currently a little hectic, and I would forget the resolution.

    8. There's a lot of planning that goes into these things.

    9. I found that some resolutions are unhealthy.

    10. My previous resolutions were unrealistic, and a tad bit dramatic.

    11. I learned a new year doesn't make a difference if you're unwilling to grow.

    12. It's not the end of the world if I don't create one.

    13. Resolutions make me impatient.

    14. My procrastination tends to peak when I make them.

    15. I'm choosing to listen to motivational podcasts instead.

    16. They're kind of stressful.

    17. I need to be honest with myself.

    18. I'm confident my life can improve this year without a resolution.

    19. I simply don't feel like it.

    A New Year's resolution does not guarantee anything, but if you have one, I hope you're successful.

    Let me know your thoughts on resolutions!