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    Tik Tokers Are Using This New Trend To Make Light Of Traumatic Situations-- Are You Here For #DarkHumorTok?

    THIS IS FOR THE EDITORIAL FELLOWSHIP. " Trauma+ Gangnam Style= Viral Dark Humor"

    Dark humor may not be everyone's cup of tea, but going viral on Tik Tok might help ease the pain if you've been traumatized.

    Your first thought would be, "Okay?" And, you might even think about scrolling up. Yet, everyone knows you shouldn't judge a Tik Tok by its cover. So, you stay because you're curious about what lies beyond the first couple of seconds when you're reeled back in.

    The Tik Tok then cuts from the shot of the young lady to the viral effect, "Image Spin." The words read, "He was planning to kill me that day," and your mouth drops.

    "Oh My God" might be the first words that come out of your mouth. Then, you check the comments to see if there's a storytime. In the comments, you see commenters say things like...

    "Please, not my fiancé acting weird and quiet all day today... a random Tuesday." "But you out here livin' tho." "When he makes plans instead of texting 'idk it's up to you' " "He just wanted to surprise you with a ticket to heaven.

    Now, you have three options. You can comment and talk about the seriousness of the situation, scroll up to another Tik Tok on your 'For you page,' or comment to stay on #DarkHumorTok because you finally found 'your type of people.'

    There are many videos like the one described, and it's an 8 out of 10 chance you'll see one on your 'For You Page.' With the combination of the trending Gangnam Style sound, the effect 'Image Spin,' and a traumatizing story, you have the chance of gaining a couple hundred thousand to a million views.

    If you aren't aware, dark humor helps many people cope with tragic events that they aren't comfortable with talking about naturally.

    So, now we need to know. What do you think about this viral dark humor trend?