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    5 Celebrities That Never Let Us Down On The Red Carpet

    "Great gowns... beautiful gowns."- Aretha franklin

    Sure, we all watch award shows to see which of our favorites will take home the most prestigious trophies, but let's be honest... the Red Carpet sets the tone for our Twitter timelines. Award shows are the only time we can all get together virtually and judge what our favorite celebrities decide to wear. Some let us down sometimes, few let us down continuously, yet there is a handful that NEVER disappoints us. Here are 5 celebrities that always know how to take over the room.

    Rihanna - The Literal Fashion Queen

    A woman wearing a pink gown and pink heels.

    Nicki Minaj- The Queen of Rap

    A woman in a blue dress.

    Beyoncé- The Queen Bee

    A woman wearing a see-through dress.

    Billy Porter- The Trendsetter

    Chadwick Boseman- The KING

    A man wearing a royal suit