The Ultimate Fictional Players Of Backyard Baseball 2003

In no particular order. Except for Pablo Sanchez, who is the best.

1. Achmed Khan

Achmed is definitely above average, but he’d probably be even better if he took off his dang headphones!

2. Jocinda Smith

Her nickname is MVP for a reason!

3. Pete Wheeler

Weird that a kid as dopey as Wheelie can run so fast!

4. Angela Delvecchio

She may not be the best player of all time, but at least she’s better than her older brother, Tony.

5. Dmitri Petrovich

Because nerds shouldn’t always be picked last!

6. Kiesha Phillips

She’ll bring the power and the jokes!

7. Kenny Kawaguchi

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t stop the K-Man from being a solid pitcher to add to your roster.

8. Annie Frazier

Don’t underestimate her because of her “peace and love” attitude- girl’s got game.

9. Pablo Sanchez

The undisputed best player in the whole game. This kid is the Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez of Backyard Baseball. Just look at those stats!

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