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The 15 Dopest First Ladies

Because the day after President's Day should be First Ladies' Day. Facts via

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Helen Taft


"Nellie" as she was called was an all-around badass. She was the first First Lady to smoke cigarettes, drive a car, support women's suffrage, write a memoir, and a bunch of other stuff. She also had fantastically big hair.

Dolley Madison


Hello, Dolley! She's the only First Lady to be given an honorary seat on the floor of Congress. She's also the first person in all of American to respond to a telegraph- dash dash dash, dash dash, dash dash dot!

Florence Harding


Flossie holds the distinct honor of being the first lady to vote (although we can probably guess who she voted for). Her other firsts include being the first lady to fly in an airplane, own a radio and operate a movie camera. But also, people suspected her of poisoning her husband.

Michelle Obama


Michelle is tied for tallest First Lady (with Eleanor Roosevelt, both at 5'11"), is one of only 3 First Ladies who have graduate degrees, and as if that wasn't cool enough, she also loves The Brady Bunch.

Eleanor Roosevelt


President Harry Truman called Eleanor the "First Lady of the World". She made appearances for her wheelchair-bound husband, was an outspoken human rights activist, wasn't afraid to disagree with her husband, and remains the gold standard for First Ladies to this day. Also, she met Shirley Temple.

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