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13 Halloween Songs You've Never Heard Or May Have Forgotten About

Looking for new life for your Halloween party playlists? As much as we love our Michael Jackson, Ghostbuster, & Monster Mash, these oft overlooked jams will scare a little variety back into your party mixes!

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1. MONSTER - Lumaria

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What do you get when you mix Cinderella, Monster's Inc., & a Halloween party gone wrong? Watch this video to find out! This song will bring a modern rock vibe to your dark night...

2. Halloween - Sonic Youth

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Not quite the traditional Halloween song you'd expect, but the song is cool and would be chill to listen to when you're riding your sugar high.

3. Zombie - Natalia Kills

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We all love The Walking Dead tv show. Natalia Kills loves Zombies.

4. Zombie on Your Lawn - Plants vs. Zombies

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Anyone who played the game knows the brilliance that is the final animated song when you beat the game. Here is a live action remake. The song would be great for your little devils.

5. The Headless Horseman - Bing Crosby

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The number from the animated Sleepy Hollow could also be a smash for the kiddies.

6. Spooky Spooky - Halloween Song

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Want to spook your kids this week in a cute way? This song/video is for you!

7. Werewolf - The Frantics

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Nothin' like a good ol' cheesy monster movie song to keep the party going strong into the midnight hours.

8. Frankenstein - Edgar Winter

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70's psychedelia and some mad synth make for a 9 minute fun fest.

9. The Dracula Song - Jason Segel

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There's a surprising amount of people who haven't seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Listen to this song, then go watch the movie already.

10. Witchcraft -Frank Sinatra

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Looks like old blue eyes had a hankering for a wicked little treat.

11. Back from the Dead - Spinal Tap

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12. I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

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There are a ton of versions of this song out there, and as much as we love the movie Hocus Pocus, Bette Middler and all those other cover artists can't hold a candle to Screamin' Jay!

13. Sounds of Halloween - (75 Minutes of Terror)

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If the above list doesn't suit you or the stresses of voiding your Pandora/Spotify addictions are too much, just let this bad boy play in the background and let the next 75 demented minutes of your life begin.

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