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Holy Sh*t! If ‘Get Out’ And 'Don’t Think Twice’ Had A Baby This Would Be It

Watch this before your next improv class

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At first I thought he was ripping off HBO’s Crashing

Now I’ve seen a lot of whose line growing up, and my friends in college always getting me to come to their shows so up so I’m pretty familiar with watching improv, but this was like nothing I expected.

I don’t know how he did it but he made an improv show feel like a horror movie.

That’s going to give me nightmares, and I already have stress dreams about papers and finals. This is the last thing I need lol.

I did some digging and the person responsible for this video is non other than Jared’s ex-comedy partner wunderkind Micah Phillips.

If anyone can get me info on their third member Drew Lusker I would be interested in giving him a second chance.

Here’s the video in full if you want

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