You Have To See Zöe Kravitz Singing TLC's "No Scrubs" On TV At 11 Years Old

    "Wow. just wowwwww."

    In case you didn't know, yesterday — December 1, to be specific — was Zöe Kravitz's birthday. Don't worry, there's still time to get her a gift.

    Zöe Kravitz looks over her shoulder

    To celebrate, VH1 posted a throwback video on their IG of Zöe at 11 years old singing TLC's "No Scrubs." It's adorable.

    In the clip, Zöe asks someone off camera, "Sing a song? What am I gonna sing? What should I sing?" before launching into — you guessed it — "No Scrubs."

    11-year-old Zöe sits on a couch with a microphone

    "Am I on TV?" she asks at the end of the clip. Yes! You are!

    Kravitz smiles while holding

    "Wow. just wowwwww," Zöe commented on the clip while reposting to her own IG story with the caption: "Thank you all for the birthday love. You've created a monster."

    Zöe's IG story shouting out VH1's video

    VH1's video wasn't the only throwback posted for Zöe's birthday. Her dad, Lenny, posted a cute snap of the two of them building sand castles when she was younger and wrote in the caption, "Happy Birthday, Zoë. So many more castles to build together. I love you endlessly."

    Happy belated birthday, Zöe! Hope it was a good one.