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    People Are Sharing Their Worst Roommate Ever Stories, And I Can't Believe Some Of These

    "She would come in drunk at 2 a.m., turn on all the lights, leaving either her keys in the front door lock, or just leave the door wide open and then pass out in the living room."

    Look, all roommates have disagreements — it's inevitable. But sometimes, there's a situation with a roommate that's so bad that you reach a breaking point. We're talking "worst roommate ever" material here.

    So, u/g_man2522 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What made your worst roommate ever such a bad roommate?" And, I'll tell you, some of these answers...sheesh. Just read on and you'll see what I mean:

    1. "She stole, wore, stained and destroyed my fancy frilly underwear and then returned the shart-stained tattered underwear to my drawer and played stupid about it. I discovered this by finding my underwear sharted, in her laundry basket, when I was tearing apart the room going 'What is that SMELL?!' I was allowed to change rooms by the school."


    2. "I wasn’t allowed out of my bedroom when she was with married men :/ Still mad I allowed it to happen."


    3. "In the middle of a 100 degree heatwave in August, not only turned off the AC, but turned the heat on to 90 degrees. Even at the coldest days of winter, has no one turned the heat to freaking 90. Came home to a sauna, and she didn't even stay after she did that."


    4. "We had a shared kitchen, the three of us, we had cleaning schedules but they never followed it, they just piled it up until it was my turn. After numerous complaints that I was the only one cleaning, I stopped cleaning. Three weeks later there was rotten food and fungi all over the kitchen and even a cockroach infestation. A cleaning company had to be hired, the costs of which spread over the people living there, I objected the bill on grounds of my earlier complaints, they didn’t argue and I did not have to pay, I even got compensation for eating out every night, they got kicked out a week later. Was a win for me eventually but a horrible time before that."


    5. "They were coke dealers and they liked to work from home."


    6. "He was so drunk one morning, making a gigantic mess in the kitchen in his underwear rambling to me while I grabbed a cup of coffee on my way out the door. He then pissed himself and didn't notice until he slipped on it...Fast forward a couple months and he bailed out with two months left on the lease and never paid anything for those months and changed his number. Fortunately the landlord worked with myself and my other roommate. I never had a roommate after that."


    7. "Pissed on my futon and blamed it on a raccoon. Called me at a friend’s house and told me that my father had died — he hadn’t and was perfectly healthy...I once watched them eat 48 slices of Kraft singles — gotta love Costco — in one sitting. They were on a couch and would unwrap, eat and then throw the wrapper on the floor. By the time it was over the living room was like an art installation."


    8. "My second roommate in college went to sleep way too early. Now, I wasn't a partier (still not one) and went to sleep early, but he went to bed even earlier than me. It was lights out at 9pm and you'd better not make a sound. But when he wanted to make noise, that was fine. He was blasting some music one day as I was talking with my suitemate. I went into our room to turn down the music and he punched me hard in the stomach. I acted as though it didn't hurt at all (it did) and just kept on walking to the stereo, turned it down, and left the room. Thankfully, he left after one semester."


    9. "Not only did he use my butter, but he scraped it lengthwise so he marred the whole stick AND left crumbs all over whole thing."


    10. "Was a slob who got into drugs and hanging around the wrong sorts of people. Completely trashed his room and took off one day leaving his dog he had just gotten behind for me to deal with, along with a bunch of unscrupulous looking characters knocking at my door telling me that he owed them money and asking where he was."


    11. "She would come in drunk at 2 a.m., turn on all the lights, leaving either her keys in the front door lock, or just leave the door wide open and then pass out in the living room."


    12. "I once scrubbed down the whole apartment because the landlady came by. It took literally all night long. He didn't help in any way. I scrubbed pots that had more culture than a classical concert. Five minutes after she left, he went into the kitchen, created lots of noise, and when I awoke from my coma and went in there it looked exactly the same minus the mold."


    13. "She made us Patient Zero in a campus wide bedbug infestation. And this wouldn't have been that bad, everyone makes mistakes, but the reason why it was campus wide was because she saw three separate doctors over a period of three months, who all said the same thing, and then she ignored medical advice repeatedly before finally checking, at which point, she'd been all over campus. Then she had the nerve to sit all eight of us down for a roommate meeting where she told us that we all needed to be "serious" about the bedbug protocol, and get to the laundromat to clean our clothes and stuff, because she just couldn't take anymore stress and she needed this situation resolved."


    14. "Tried to set the rest of us up for a pot bust after he got caught."


    15. "She let her bunny shit all over her room, including her bed, and then wondered why she got a rash."


    16. "Dude was just so dirty. He wouldn’t clean his room ever. After making threats like 'I’m going to throw all your shit away if you don’t pick it up,' he didn’t and I ended up throwing his stuff away. In the process, there was a used pocket pussy under his bed, it rolled out and some fluids dripped out of it. Whatever the hell was in there had been sitting and rotting for so long that it made the entire apartment smell like something had fucking died."


    17. "One day I get a text from her that there were ants on the floor due to some Doritos or something she ate. I text back okay and move on and think that's the end of that. Welp. Lo and behold, it's time to move out a couple months later from our dorm room, and she had left so I was stuck cleaning things to not get charged. I find a wet sock covering the crushed Doritos and a whole colony of ants...Clearly it was too much to assume she picked up her Doritos and her way of dealing with it was to cover them with a soaking wet sock."


    18. "Found out the dude was keeping his webcam running when he was out. Being secretly filmed was kinda f’d up."


    19. "Shat in the oven before moving out."


    20. "She would brush her long hair, and clean out the brush. Then to dispose of the hair she would stuff it in the sink drain. Normal people throw it in the trash. She clogged the sink constantly."


    Agree? Disagree? Have your own additions? See you in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.