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Will Arnett Says He "Cried For An Hour" On The Side Of The Road After Breaking Up With Amy Poehler

"Just brutal, brutal, brutal."

You know Will Arnett.

Arnett looks in the camera at an event

And you probably know that he used to be married to Amy Poehler.

Arnett and Poehler pose for a photo together

In a new interview with the Guardian, Arnett opened up about how he felt while getting divorced from Poehler and the emotional toll it took on him.

Arnett smiles at a step-and-repeat

During the separation, Arnett was shooting the fourth season of Arrested Development, and he described the experience as “almost excruciating…just brutal, brutal, brutal."

Arnett smiles

"I was driving to the set one day and I pulled over to the side of the road and cried for an hour," he recalled.

Arnett smiles

But Arnett also said that, ultimately, working on Arrested Development was "hilarious and cathartic" for him to process his and Poehler's split.

Hurwitz and Arnett sit on a couch together

Read the entire interview here.