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Dionne Warwick Had The Perfect Explanation For Why She Doesn't Pay Attention To The Grammys Anymore

"It's a completely different genre right now."

Dionne Warwick is a legend — and, as we all know, she's very good at Twitter, too.

Dionne Warwick at Tay Da Prince's "Love One Another" music video shoot in November 2019

You can catch Warwick weighing in on tons of topics on Twitter — and who knows, that might include tonight's Grammys ceremony. But it also might not!

The legendary singer recently told Page Six that she has no plans to watch tonight's Grammys — and Warwick's got her reasons.

“You know the Grammys are not the Grammys that I know or knew," Warwick explained. "It’s a completely different genre right now.”

Warwick went on to say that the Grammys have focused on "younger ears" in recent years, leading to her peers not being "considered worthy" by the Recording Academy.

“We’ve all been recording — trust me — and making some really good stuff out there, but you know the Grammys seem now to have geared itself, as has the music industry itself, towards the younger ears — and deservedly so.”

Warwick also put to rest any claims that she's not the one running her Twitter account — which Wendy Williams recently suggested.

“Why waste my time and [critics’] by continuing to say, ‘Hey, it’s me?’” she said. “It’s me is all I can tell you.”

And that's that!

If you are watching the Grammys tonight, be sure to follow along with BuzzFeed's coverage.