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    Travis Barker Shared Vacation Photos With Kourtney Kardashian And Said He's "No Longer Afraid Of Heights"


    Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are still going strong as a couple.

    Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian in front of Nobu

    As E! News points out, Travis and Kourtney recently vacationed at the Amangiri luxury resort in Utah, and Barker shared photos of the trip to Instagram and Twitter.

    On Twitter, he shared a sweet snap of the pair walking across a very narrow-looking bridge with the caption "No longer afraid of heights."

    @travisbarker / Via Twitter: @travisbarker

    I mean, after walking across a bridge that looks like this? That's some courageous stuff if you're afraid of heights.

    The narrow bridge that Travis Barker walked across with Kourtney Kardashian

    Or, like, scaling a bunch of rocks like this? I'm already getting a little dizzy just looking at this picture.

    Barker scales rocks in Utah

    Point being, you gotta be in love to conquer your fear of heights by doing activities like those. Anyway, congrats Travis. Impressive stuff.