Tom Holland Revealed The Career Advice Elizabeth Olsen Gave Him And It's Pretty Good Even If You're Not An Actor

    “I was under a lot of pressure to finish the day’s work."

    Everyone needs some good advice every now and then — even Tom Holland.

    Tom Holland looks off to the side while wearing a suit

    The Spider-Man: No Way Home star recently revealed in an interview with GQ that his MCU cohort Elizabeth Olsen had some sage words about dealing with pressure when it comes to being a big-time actor.

    Olsen looks over her shoulder

    “She gave me an amazing piece of advice: ‘No’ is a full sentence …‘No’ is enough,” he explained.

    Holland waves his hand

    And her advice came in handy while he was on an international press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming back in 2017 and he felt "really ill."

    Holland walks while wearing a suit

    “I was under a lot of pressure to finish the day’s work,” he recalled. “That was the first time I was really like, ‘No, I’m done now. I’ve given you everything.’”

    Holland poses for a photo with his arms crossed in front of him

    And Olsen's advice also came in handy when Holland was filming the final scene of No Way Home. (Don't worry, there are no spoilers here.)

    Holland looks at the camera

    “I kept stopping [the shoot] and being like, ‘I’m so sorry, I just don’t believe what I’m saying,’” he recalled, claiming that the result was him and director Jon Watts coming together to retool the dialogue.

    Holland looks at the camera while wearing a leather jacket and button-down shirt

    "[W]e pitched it to the writers,” Tom explained. “They rewrote it, and it works great.”

    Holland looks into the camera

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