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    People Are Sharing What They Think Is A Complete Waste Of Money, And I Definitely Agree With Some Of These

    "Food delivery through apps. Inflated menu prices to cover the cost of the platform cut and then the platform's service fees? Nah. I'm good."

    Let's face it — amid rising inflation, everything feels like it costs more than ever, and in many cases, it actually does.

    Someone counting cash

    So, it's no surprise that people are re-evaluating how much we're willing to pay for stuff that might not even be worth it in the end. u/New_Perspective1201 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What do you think is a complete waste of money?" Here's some of the most interesting responses, which might make you think twice about your next purchase:

    1. "Little edible gold flakes on food."


    A pie with gold flakes

    2. "Internet service providers that still don't offer unlimited data plans."


    3. "Buying a new phone every year."


    4. "Donating to big Twitch streamers."


    5. "Smoking/vaping."


    A young woman vaping

    6. "Obedience school for cats."


    7. "Spending a shitload on a wedding. Could never understand it, and it's also a massive joke to expect your guests to fork out a ton on gifts, an outfit, and if you're part of the wedding party, there are a ton of other expenses."


    8. "Crystals for their 'healing ability.'"



    9. "Food delivery through apps such as Uber Eats, Foodora, DoorDash, etc. Inflated menu prices to cover the cost of the platform cut and then the platform's service fees? Nah. I'm good."


    10. "Expensive clothing for babies and kids in general. Why pay so much for clothing your baby will wear for a few months?"


    11. "Buying lottery tickets lol."


    12. "Buying a Starbucks coffee once per day costs you about 1.6 thousand dollars every year."


    A Starbucks coffee

    13. "Skins in video games. 16 year old me wasted so much money in Overwatch..."


    14. "Luxury cars. I can’t imagine spending $75k+ on a car with high maintenance and insurance costs. I’d rather drive a Honda and retire a few years earlier."


    15. "Pre-ripped pants. Why the hell would you intentionally buy already messed up clothing. Congrats you paid more money for an inferior product."


    Jeans with holes in them

    16. "Fake fingernails."


    17. "As someone who lives in Germany: TV taxes. Seriously, even blind and deaf people pay these, and most of them cannot watch TV. Also, German national TV is the biggest pile of shit ever, yet they make you pay around €60 per quarter to fund that pile of shit."


    18. "American college textbooks."


    19. "What printer corporations are doing with ink cartridges is a crime against humanity."


    Printer ink cartridges

    Agree? Disagree? Have your own additions? See you in the comments!