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    These Predictions Of How The Characters Of "The Office" Would Deal With The Pandemic Are Dead-On

    What would Michael Scott do?

    When BuzzFeed recently asked The Office's Andy Buckley (David Wallace), Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer), and Oscar Nuñez (Oscar Martinez) about what they think their iconic characters would be up to now, Flannery said that Meredith would be drinking on Zoom in her basement, "Staying safe because I think she's a survivor."

    Kate Flannery from The Office winking

    Well, in a recent interview with E! News, the trio joined The Office creator Greg Daniels to hypothesize how their fictional counterparts would be handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The cast of The Office in the episode "Niagara"
    Chris Haston / NBC / Getty Images

    After qualifying that "It kind of depends on what season you're talking about," Daniels claimed that Michael Scott (Steve Carell) — specifically, early-series Michael — would not be doing well.

    Steve Carell as Michael Scott in The Office
    Byron Cohen / NBC / Getty Images

    "Michael would have the hardest time because his entire being is wrapped up in work, and if he couldn't come in he'd be going crazy stepping on his George Foreman grill," he explained.

    Steve Carell as Michael Scott
    Justin Lubin / NBC / Getty Images

    Nuñez said that Oscar would "love" social distancing: "I think he'd be like everyone else dressed from the top up. I think he would adjust well to it because he's in his house cozy, making his soups or whatever and just working from home and probably enjoy taking a break from people."

    Oscar Nunez as Oscar Martinez in The Office
    NBC / Getty Images

    As for David Wallace? Buckley theorized that his character "Would have set up a recording studio with his $20 million bucks and he would just never come out of it probably. He'd be having his Fluffernutter sandwiches sitting in the hot tub. He'd be hammered halfway through every day."

    Andy Buckley as David Wallace on The Office
    Byron Cohen / NBC / Getty Images

    It's no surprise that everyone in the interview had their theories. According to Daniels, it's been a hot topic for a minute now: "I've gotten texts from the cast and old writers and stuff about how the characters are handling the pandemic."

    The cast of The Office in the episode "Threat Level Midnight"
    Chris Haston / NBC / Getty Images

    Who knows — maybe other cast members will chime in soon, too. We can dream!

    The cast of The Office in the episode "Niagara"
    Byron Cohen / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

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