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    Thandiwe Newton Has The Perfect Reason For Turning Down Superhero Movies In The Past

    “I was like, ‘Meh, no.’"

    Thandiwe Newton — an incredible actor — hasn't really been in any superhero movies. What gives?

    Thandiwe Newton poses for a picture on the red carpet

    Well, the actor explained in a recent interview with LADbible why that is — and it has to do with the types of parts she's been offered in the past.

    Thandiwe Newton poses for a picture on the red carpet whiile wearing a dress with a train

    Apparently, the last time she was offered a role in such a film, it was the part of "someone’s mom who just dies": “I was like, ‘Meh, no.’ It was more the role, you know what I mean?”

    Newton poses with her hand on her hip at a red carpet event

    It sounds as if Newton isn't too keen on the blockbusters in general, though: “As a genre they bore me, these big franchises, and I’m quite cynical about it too, because it’s just about money. It’s this behemoth of money that’s just, like, rolling forward gathering more money, right?"

    Newton turns to look at the camera at a red carpet event

    But in the interview, she also noted her admiration for Thor: Ragnarok and said that her interest in starring in a superhero film in the future could be piqued by an uptick in the quality of the films themselves.

    Newton wears a dress with a broach and necklace at a red carpet event

    "I feel like there is a demand from both the audience," she said, "[and] I think people who are involved in the movies — but certainly the world — that there is better substance around these superhero things.”

    Newton sits in a chair while putting her hand up midway

    Read the entire interview here.