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    SZA Live-Tweeted Her First Time Watching "Euphoria" And We're Cackling

    "I'm exhausted."

    Euphoria is a great TV show (and we can't wait for that special Christmas episode that's coming soon) — but it can be hella stressful to watch, too.

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    And it seems like SZA learned that the hard way when she fired up Euphoria for the first time:

    I’m on Episode 2 of euphoria and I’m exhausted..

    But SZA kept on and kept tweeting her thoughts as she watched. She shared who her favorite character is:

    I think Jules that bitch is dyNAMIC

    She admitted that, as a character, Rue hits a little uncomfortably close to home:

    She feel so familiar 🥴 ion like det lol

    SZA also compared Euphoria actress Alexa Demie (specifically, the vengeful vibes of her character, Maddy) to her own song "Supermodel," from her incredible 2017 album, Ctrl:

    Lmao her fucking in the pool to piss off an ex is VERY SUPERMODEL AND I LOVED IT 😌

    But she also had some critiques of the show in general:

    Lmao there’s a plot ?

    She had some thoughts on some of the show's very risqué scenes:

    It’s like who jus starts episode 2 w dicks

    Make no mistake, though — SZA was clearly deep in Euphoria land, and loving it:

    Mmmk I know 30 white boys like fez from back home . Kat is an entrepreneur Nate needs a FIRM ASS WHOOPING.and Rue got me in tears .

    Like, really loving it:

    I went from never seeing an episode b4 tnt to NEEDING TO BE IN SEASON 2 PPPFFFFFF I-

    But every good binge-watch has to come to an end, and after a flood of emotions that every single person who's ever watched Euphoria has experienced, SZA called it a night:

    I jus cried while thanking my dog for being so funny looking and allowing me to laugh at her.. turning off euphoria 🥴Gn lol

    Don't worry, SZA — Euphoria will still be there when you're ready to return to it.

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