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Simu Liu Said It's "Not Cool" That The NBA Celebrity All-Star Game Videotron Said He Looked Like An Asian Audience Member

The incident took place during the game, and needless to say, Simu wasn't pleased.

You know Simu Liu.

Closeup of Simu Liu

And it's possible you saw him hooping in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game earlier this weekend.

Simu Liu playing basketball

During the event, a Twitter user noted that the arena's Videotron showed a "Celebrity Look-a-Like Cam," suggesting that Simu looked like an Asian fan watching the game from the stands.

@victortyty / Via Twitter: @victortyty

Social media, very understandably, wasn't having it:

i seriously despise how people are so easily comfortable with being racist towards asian people. that fan looks nothing like simu liu at all whatsoever man. https://t.co/sueW3TLoO8

@ricohives / Via Twitter: @ricohives

@ArloTrin @SimuLiu just insane lol ain’t no way they really just showed the first asian guy they found in the crowd

@victortyty / Via Twitter: @victortyty

@victortyty @SimuLiu Not even close. Big L to whoever was running this.

@EricJHovland / Via Twitter: @EricJHovland

@victortyty @SimuLiu Yikes. Not all Asians look the same, lol

@thisistechtoday / Via Twitter: @thisistechtoday
@RogerSZMODlS / Via Twitter: @RogerSZMODlS

Eventually, Simu responded himself. "I had a great time, but this wasn't cool," he said about the incident.

I had a great time but this wasn't cool https://t.co/8ZXUUvBk7W

@SimuLiu / Via Twitter: @SimuLiu

He later clarified that the "team" around the All-Star event was "stellar" otherwise, and chalked up the incident to "just one person with a camera."

to be perfectly clear the entire org and ops team surrounding all-star have been nothing but absolutely stellar to myself and all my friends. this was just one person with a camera. and no disrespect to my man in the videotron either! he's gorgeous we just don't look alike

@SimuLiu / Via Twitter: @SimuLiu

"And no disrespect to my man in the Videotron, either!" he wrote. "He's gorgeous; we just don't look alike."

Closeup of Simu Liu

We'll let you know if the NBA responds.