Shawn Mendes Fell Down A Hill While Trying To Take A Shirtless Pic And He Hilariously Documented It On Instagram

    "i guess that’s what i get."

    Traditionally, Shawn Mendes has not been shy about being photographed shirtless.

    Mendes walks on the beach with his arms above his head

    So it makes sense that he recently posted a pic of himself hiking shirtless on IG.

    But! There was a twist.

    Mendes in the ocean

    Mendes also included a video of himself taking a spill in an attempt to get the shirtless snap — and, since it's not too serious of a fall, it's pretty funny.

    Mendes falls down

    "i guess that's what i get," Mendes wrote in the caption.

    Mendes looks into the camera at an event

    Good thing he has a good sense of humor.

    Mendes poses for a photo in front of a colorful set of clothes