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    Sharon Stone Says She Slapped Paul Verhoeven After Seeing That "Basic Instinct" Scene For The First Time

    "I did have choices."

    Sharon Stone is a legendary actor with tons of iconic roles throughout her career.

    Sharon Stone at a Vanity Fair party in February 2020 in Culver City
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Stone's memoir The Beauty of Living Twice hits shelves on March 30, and in an excerpt published by Vanity Fair she details some of the sexual harassment she's faced throughout her career.

    Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead
    TriStar Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    Stone specifically recalls an instance in which a producer suggested she sleep with a male co-star to improve their "onscreen chemistry."

    Stone in Sphere
    Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection

    "You guys insisted on this actor when he couldn't get one whole scene out in the test," she recalls thinking at the time. "Now you think if I fuck him, he will become a fine actor? Nobody's that good in bed."

    Sharon Stone in The Specialist
    Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection

    "I felt they could have just hired a costar with talent, someone who could deliver a scene and remember his lines. I also felt they could fuck him themselves and leave me out of it. It was my job to act and I said so."

    Stone in Total Recall
    Tristar Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    In the excerpt, Stone also recalls a former manager telling her that she wasn't "fuckable" as well as a director who was a "#MeToo candidate" and refused to shoot with her because she wouldn't "sit in his lap and take direction."

    Stone in The Mighty
    Miramax / courtesy Everett Collection

    She also talks about her experience filming Paul Verhoeven's thriller Basic Instinct — specifically, the infamous scene in which her character Catherine Tramell uncrosses her legs without wearing underwear multiple times during police interrogation.

    Stone sits with her legs crossed in Basic Instinct
    TriStar / courtesy Everett Collection

    "I'd been told, 'We can't see anything — I just need you to remove your panties, as the white is reflecting the light, so we know you have panties on," Stone recalled, claiming that after she saw the scene for the first time she slapped Verhoeven.

    Stone and Paul Verhoeven on the set of Basic Instinct
    TriStar / courtesy Everett Collection

    Stone also says that she considered filing an injunction to stop the film's release but ultimately decided against it: "I was just an actress, just a woman; what choices could I have?" she recalls.

    TriStar / courtesy Everett Collection

    "But I did have choices. So I thought and thought and I chose to allow this scene in the film. Why? Because it was correct for the film and for the character; and because, after all, I did it."

    Stone in Casino
    Phillip Caruso / Universal / courtesy Everett Collection

    The rest of the book is sure to carry more revelations, too — and it sounds like it'll be a fascinating read.

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