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    Serena Williams Gave A Glimpse Of Her Trophy Room During A Home Tour, And We're Not Worthy

    "We don't keep second place."

    Serena Williams: The G.O.A.T.

    Serena Williams stretches to hit a tennis ball with her racket at the Australian Open Series in Melbourne

    The tennis legend gave a tour of her Miami home to Architectural Digest, and to quote Stefon, it has everything — even a trophy room.

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    Architectural Digest / YouTube / Via

    Unsurprisingly, it has a lot of trophies. Like, a lot.

    A shelf lined with trophies in Serena Williams' trophy room in her Miami home

    Along with her extensive trophy collection, Serena said that the room contains "some really cool pieces that really mean a lot to me" — like this Wheaties box she appeared on.

    A Wheaties box with Serena Williams on the front of the box

    But, really, there's a lot of trophies. So many that it seems like Serena can't even keep track of them. At one point, she exclaims, "Oh, wait, there's a US Open trophy!"

    Serena Williams points at her trophy shelves in her trophy room

    "I am so bad with trophies," Serena laughs at one point. Uh, yeah, so am I, for sure.

    Serena Williams puts her hand up while talking about her trophy room

    She even showed off two of her Wimbledon trophies, detailing how the trophy used to be smaller but is, y'know, bigger now.

    Serena Williams holds up the smaller of her two Wimbledon trophies

    Near the end of the trophy room tour, Serena finds a second place trophy — and her reaction is hilarious: "I'm gonna put that one in the trash. Shouldn't be in here. We don't keep second place."

    Serena Williams points to a second-place trophy in her trophy room

    Watch the whole home tour here.