Sarah Jessica Parker Explained Why She Never Did Nude Scenes On "Sex And The City," And It Makes A Lot Of Sense

    "I suspected that if it wasn’t in the pilot, it would be a part of a series.”

    Almost all of Sex and the City's stars stripped down during the show's initial run — but not Sarah Jessica Parker.

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    During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Sarah addressed why that is — and it makes a lot of sense.

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    Sarah revealed that she initially hesitated to sign on to SATC at all because she didn't want to film any nude scenes.

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    “I thought the script was really interesting, and really exciting, and different, and fresh, and I’d never seen anything like that,” she explained. “The only thing I said...that I was concerned about was that I just didn’t feel comfortable doing nudity, and I suspected that if it wasn’t in the pilot, it would be a part of a series.”

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    She then explained that the show's creator, Darren Star, said to her, "Don’t do it then…we’ll have other actors, if they feel comfortable doing it they’ll do it, but you do not have to.”

    “I think I just never felt comfortable exposing myself that way,” Sarah went on to say while discussing why she wasn't interested in filming nude scenes, referring to herself as "shy."

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    “I never had any judgments about anybody else doing it. It wasn’t, like, a morality thing."

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