Sam Smith Hid Kim Petras Under Their Dress On "SNL," And It Was Honestly Mind-Blowing

    Sam and Kim came to the show to perform "Unholy," and they turned in a truly unforgettable performance, too.

    You've definitely heard Sam Smith and Kim Petras' "Unholy." At one point last year, it was the No. 1 song on the Billboard charts!

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    Sam was the musical guest on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (Aubrey Plaza was the host) — and they brought Kim along for a performance of "Unholy" in a very unexpected way.

    Closeup of Sam Smith

    OK, let's break it down. So, Sam started out their performance wearing a huge dress.

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    Like, really big.

    Sam Smith on "SNL"

    Midway through the performance, two dancers came out to open up Sam's coat — revealing that Kim was sitting on a ledge, just underneath, the whole time.

    Sam Smith and Kim Petras on "SNL"

    Then, Sam put on a huge hat that had devil horns and kind of looked like a big cooking pot. It was an...interesting style choice.

    Sam Smith onstage

    Kim wasn't the only trick Sam had under their sleeve (or, specifically, dress). For their performance of "Gloria," Sam also brought out Sharon Stone — like, thee Sharon Stone.

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    And the night also marked Kim's SNL debut. Maybe her and Sam will be back again one day! YOU NEVER KNOW.

    Sam Sith and Kim Petras