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Rihanna Won Halloween 2021 By Dressing Exactly Like Gunna In One Of His Instagram Posts


Rihanna's 2021 Halloween costume is nothing short of brilliant.

Rihanna poses for a photo at an event

Rihanna revealed her costume on Instagram, and it's nothing short of mind-blowing. She recreated the look and style of a recent post from rapper Gunna, to an almost perfect degree.

I mean, look at Gunna's original post, and then look back at Rihanna's post. Other than the fact that she's inside and he's outside, she pretty much nailed it.

She even copied his caption ("D . S . 4 🥷🏻"), so in a way, it's almost like her Instagram post itself was wearing a costume, kinda.

As Complex points out, the original photo captured Gunna's New York Fashion Week look, which included Rick Owens boots, sunglasses, and a leather vest.

And that's how you win Halloween, folks.