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    We've Been Saying Raven-Symoné's Name Wrong The Entire Time, And I'm Honestly Shocked

    It turns out that even Raven herself was saying it wrong at one point? Honestly, I'm so confused.

    OK, experiment time: do me a favor and say Raven-Symoné's name out loud right now. Just do it.

    closeup of raven

    Did you do it? Good. Now, I have some bad news for you: you probably just said her name totally wrong.

    closeup of raven

    Don't believe me? Let's go straight to the source — specifically, a recent TikTok from Raven herself, in which she clarifies how her name is supposed to actually be pronounced.


    Those who know…KNOW… fit was cray that day.

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    "Yo, that's Raven-Symoné," the video's text reads, before following up, "It's pronounced See-mon-ye."

    raven at an event

    The TikTok also features audio of someone saying, "Shut up, it is not," while Raven silently mouths, "Yes, it is."

    closeup of raven

    If your mind is blown, you're not alone — and some fans even questioned if Raven had led us down the wrong path for years before this revelation.

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    Indeed, multiple comments on Raven's TikTok accused her of pronouncing her own name "wrong" back in her Disney Channel days.

    "well you were the one saying my name's raven suh-moan and you're watching the disney channel"
    "but i don't remember you saying it like that"
    another comment saying raven didn't say her own name right on the disney channel

    Someone else pointed out that RuPaul correctly said her name (most likely when she was a guest judge on Drag Race All Stars) and she confirmed that was the right pronunciation.

    'i remember when rupaul correctly said it and you confirmed it

    Either way, now we know the right way to say Raven-Symoné's name — so no excuses in the future, Disney Channel or not!

    closeup of raven