Miranda Cosgrove Says That A 2011 Bus Crash Left A Hole In Her Leg That Doctors Couldn't Explain

    "Wait, why is there a hole in my leg?"

    You know Miranda Cosgrove — but did you know that she had a severe ankle break in 2011 after her tour bus crashed?

    Cosgrove poses for a picture at an event

    Not only that, but — as she revealed to Sean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali on a recent episode of their Hypochondriactor podcast — after surgery she was left with a hole in her leg that no one could explain. Really.

    Cosgrove poses for a promotional photo with her arms crossed

    According to the actor, after surgery she "had a cast on, like a soft cast, and then later I went back and they removed it. And then that's when I noticed the hole."

    "And I was asking questions like, 'What's this? What's that?' And then I was like, 'Wait, why is there a hole in my leg?' So they were like, 'Oh, we didn't do that.'"

    Cosgrove described the hole — which, according to her, looked like "you could tell it was like somebody punctured through completely and cut a hole" — as a "weird thing" and "more of a mystery." She also said she didn't feel any pain from it, and it's since scabbed over.

    But she did have one theory to present to Wali and Hayes: "The physical therapist told me sometimes they have to drain blood from your foot during the surgery, and that they have to put a hole to fix that. Does that make sense?" Wali said she hadn't heard of that but "wouldn't rule it out."

    Listen to the entire episode here.