Millie Bobby Brown Says Jake Bongiovi Is Her "Partner For Life," Which Sounds Pretty Intense If True

    More than a year after Millie and Jake made things publicly official, it sounds like they've gotten pretty serious.

    You know Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi have been a thing for a minute now.

    closeup of the two at an event

    The couple went Instagram official back in November of 2021, and they made their red carpet debut at the Enola Holmes 2 premiere last year.

    Millie recently took to Instagram to post some highlights from her 2022, and she shouted out Jake in a way that makes it sound like their relationship has gotten pretty serious over the past year.

    millie waving at fans outside

    "Endlessly in love with the year I've had!" she wrote in the caption alongside some photobooth pics of her and Jake. She expressed gratitude for "my friends, family, donkey (bernard), my doggies, my puppies teeth, and my partner for life."

    "Here's to another year with you and the wonderful people and animals around us 🤍 Let's do it again but better!" she concluded.

    millie waving to fans as the walks onto the sidewalk

    Wow, "partner for life" — that's some heavy stuff. The last time Millie talked about her relationship with Jake was late last year, when she explained how they met.

    the couple holding hands

    “We met on Instagram," she explained while participating in Wired's "Web's Most Searched Questions" series. "And we were friends for a bit, and then, what can I say?”

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    What can you say? Sounds like their relationship is going great, wishing nothing but the best for the both of them. To love!

    the couple at a netflix event