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    Maude Apatow Got Real About How It Really Feels To Be Labeled A "Nepotism Baby"

    In case you didn't know, Maude has some famous and powerful parents — and she's opening up about how her career is affected.

    You definitely know Maude Apatow from the hit HBO show Euphoria.

    Maude at an event wearing a strapless outfit and a multicolored diamond necklace

    You probably also know that Maude's parents are comedy titan Judd Apatow and actor Leslie Mann.

    Maude posing for a photo with he parents

    These days, when someone in Hollywood has famous parents who may have helped them get a leg up in the early days of their career, people sometimes refer to that person as a "nepotism baby."

    Maude posing side-profile for photographers

    So it follows that Maude's been called a "nepotism baby" quite a bit at this point — and in a recent interview with Net-a-Porter, she addressed how she feels about the label.

    Maude poses for photographers in a long-sleeved sweater, skirt, and knee-high boots at an event

    Maude admitted that she felt "a little sad" when she first learned that people think she's a "nepotism baby."

    Maude on the steps at the Met Gala

    "I try not to let it get to me because I obviously understand that I'm in such a lucky position," she explained.

    Maude smiling on the red carpet

    "A lot of people [in a similar position] have proven themselves over the years, so I've got to keep going and make good work."

    Maude also noted that her career is still in the "early" stages, so "I don't have much to show yet, but hopefully one day I'll be really proud of the stuff I've done by myself."

    Maude in a sleeveless outfit

    In addition, she shared some advice that her father, Judd, gave her about her career in general.

    Maude in a spaghetti-strap bow top

    "My dad always told me acting is tough because you never know what's going to come next," she said. "He always encouraged me to write."

    Close-up of Maude in a halter top

    She added, "You can shoot a movie and really hope it will work, but you don't know how they're gonna edit it. To not have any control of that is scary sometimes, so I try to do other things."

    Maude in a sleeveless gown

    Maude also said that Judd sometimes takes a look at what she's working on writing-wise — but only when she's ready for him to look at her work.

    Maude and Judd taking a picture together

    "I'll wait until I'm almost done and then get notes from him," she explained. "I get annoyed because he'll come up with a better idea, but he's super helpful. So is my mom."

    Judd with his arm around Maude

    She added, "I feel like I really need to prove myself, so I work extra hard."

    Maude smiling and sitting with her parents

    You can read the entire interview here.