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    Machine Gun Kelly Opened About About Going To Therapy And His Drug Use

    "Why am I not changing overnight?"

    Machine Gun Kelly had a banner year in 2020, from his whirlwind relationship with Megan Fox to his new album Tickets to My Downfall, which might be his best yet.

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    MGK's been open about how his relationship with Fox changed his life, and while talking to Dave Franco for Interview, he talked about his past drug use and recently starting therapy.

    Machine Gun Kelly at the 2020 American Music Awards

    "I watched myself believe that drugs were how you attained a level, or unlocked something in your brain, and I’ve seen the pros and cons of it," he told Dave after being asked about what role drugs and alcohol play in his creative process.

    Machine Gun Kelly at the 2020 American Music Awards

    While detailing his Adderall usage, he admitted, "...I went from orally taking it to then snorting it, and then it became something where I was scared to ever go into a studio if I didn’t have something."

    Machine Gun Kelly is seen on Nov. 16, 2020 in Los Angeles, California

    "I wouldn’t even step out unless there was a medicine man who was going to visit me and give me what I needed. And that’s where it becomes a problem. You’re telling yourself you can’t do this without that, when really it’s in you the whole time."

    Machine Gun Kelly attends the 2020 E! People's Choice Awards

    MGK also talked about attending his first therapy session the week before: "That’s the first time I ever went, 'Hey, I need to separate these two people,' which is Machine Gun Kelly and Colson Baker. The dichotomy is too intense for me."

    Machine Gun Kelly seen leaving the saddle ranch on October 1, 2020 in Los Angeles

    "I’m early in the process," he said. "The tools that I’ve been given to start with seem helpful...I’m still kind of ripping my hair out. Why am I not changing overnight? How am I supposed to meditate for 10 minutes when I can’t even sit in my own brain for two minutes without distracting myself by doing something? That’s really hard."

    Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are seen leaving a restaurant on September 24, 2020

    Therapy can be hard, it's true — but MGK has already seen the positive effects that it's had on him and those around him, too. "The willingness to finally be happy with my own self has invited a much more vibrant energy around [the people around me] than before."

     Machine Gun Kelly poses during the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards

    Even though it sounds like he's struggled in the past, it's great to see someone like MGK preaching self-love and acceptance — and it's a message that's good for all of us to keep in mind, too.

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