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    I Can't Believe Machine Gun Kelly Painted His Tongue Black For The Billboard Music Awards


    OK, here's a weird one. It involves Machine Gun Kelly.

    Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2020

    So, MGK was getting ready for the Billboard Music Awards earlier today.

    He got a cool nail design...

    Machine Gun Kelly gets his nails painted

    And he also got his tongue painted black. Wait, what?

    Machine Gun Kelly having his tongue painted black with a swab

    That's right — he painted his tongue black. And he rocked it on the red carpet, too.

    Machine Gun Kelly sticking his tongue out at the Billboard Music Awards

    And Megan Fox licked his black tongue.

    Megan Fox licks Machine Gun Kelly's black tongue at the Billboard Music Awards

    It was a whole scene.

    Fox licks Machine Gun Kelly's tongue at the Billboard Music Awards

    This isn't the first wild thing MGK's done with his bod lately. You might remember this...extreme slashed-neck tattoo he recently debuted.

    Anyway, MGK also won a BBMA for Best Rock Album. Congrats! Maybe go have a piece of cake...that is, if you can even taste it with a black tongue.

    Machine Gun Kelly takes a video selfie while revealing he won a Billboard Music Award