Kirsten Dunst Explained How Sofia Coppola Made Her Feel "Beautiful" After Producers Told Her To "Fix" Her Teeth

    "She made me feel beautiful for who I was."

    You know Kirsten Dunst from tons of things. She's a legend.

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    You also probably know that she's worked with acclaimed director Sofia Coppola three times now — starting with The Virgin Suicides from 1999.

    Dunst rests her head on her co-star's shoulders in a photo for The Virgin Suicides

    In a retrospective interview shared by Netflix, Dunst opened up about how working with Coppola gave her confidence as others in Hollywood were hurting her own sense of self-image.

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    While talking about The Virgin Suicides, Dunst said that working with Coppola was "the first time I was seen as, like, a beautiful woman, and have it be a female who gave me that."

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    "It was very empowering for me at that age in terms of the way I felt about myself and my beauty," she continued, while describing her age at the time as "a weird age" to be submitted to Hollywood's unreasonable scrutiny.

    Dunst lays in the grass in a promo still for The Virgin Suicides

    "[Coppola] just gave me a lot of confidence that I carried throughout my career in terms of producers wanting to fix my teeth. People just trying to change and manipulate young actresses in a way to make them the same."

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    "She made me feel beautiful for who I was. That was a very pivotal time in my life to feel that way and to be given that."

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