Kelly Rowland Says She Was "So Mad" When "Like A Boy" Was Given To Ciara, But There's No Bad Blood

    "I wonder if she knows that."

    Ciara has tons of great songs, and "Like a Boy" is one of them.

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    The 2006 single eventually went platinum too.

    As it turns out, the song originally wasn't meant for Ciara — it was written in a session for fellow R&B star Kelly Rowland.

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    The former Destiny's Child member revealed the fact during an interview with songwriter MNEK for his Apple Music show, Proud Radio With MNEK.

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    In fact, Kelly seemed to suggest that Ciara — who's a close friend of hers — may not even know that "Like a Boy" was originally her song.

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    "I wonder if she knows that," she said. "I’ll make sure to call her after this."

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    "The writers and producers told me and they were like, ‘Yeah, we wrote that in your session,'" she explained while recalling how she found out the song wasn't hers anymore.

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    "I was so mad," Kelly recalled, before adding, "But now I’m happy for my girl.”

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    And it makes sense that Kelly's got no bad blood with Ciara, since she described her to MNEK as "one of the closest things to me" and said that they bonded over their experiences as mothers.

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    Listen to the entire interview here.