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Keke Palmer Made A Song About Voting And Recruited Some Of Your Faves For The Music Video

"Shoot your shot and beat the buzzer!"

Election Day is less than a week away — Nov. 3, to be specific — and we all need to just vote, please.

Comedy Central / Giphy

Tons of celebrities have already urged everyone to get out there and vote — and now Keke Palmer's put out her own voting PSA with the new song and video, "Actually Vote." It's a bop.

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Keke Palmer / Via

"Actually Vote" was cowritten by Finneas, the singer-songwriter who you might recognize as Billie Eilish's older brother.

Aside from being an empowering jam, the video is loaded with celeb cameos. There's Ilana Glazer...

Ilana on FaceTime with Keke
Keke Palmer

Bella Thorne...

Keke on FaceTime with Bella
Keke Palmer

Julia Louis-Dreyfus...

Keke on FaceTime with Julia
Keke Palmer

And Julianne Moore!

Keke on FaceTime with Julianne
Keke Palmer

So what are you waiting for? Actually vote!

Keke Palmer

Check out And Still I Vote for more resources on becoming a voter.

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