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    Keanu Reeves Revealed Why He Turned Down "Speed 2: Cruise Control" And, Honestly, I Get It

    "It just wasn't right."

    Speed is a classic movie. In fact, it's one of the best action films of the 1990s — period.

    Keanu Reeves looks out the window of the bus while Sandra Bullock drives the bus

    Speed 2: Cruise Control? Uh, not so much.

    Bullock and Jason Isaacs wear life vests in the ocean

    One of the many reasons why the sequel to Speed is considered vastly inferior is because Keanu Reeves — who co-starred in the first film with Sandra Bullock — didn't return. And now Keanu has revealed why he opted out.

    Keanu Reeves waves his hand on the red carpet

    “At the time I didn’t respond to the script,” he said on a recent appearance on Graham Norton.

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    He admitted that even though he wanted to work with Sandra again, there were some problems with the concept that kept him away. "I loved playing Jack Tavern, and I loved Speed – but an ocean liner?” he said.

    Reeves runs away from an explosion

    “I had nothing against the artists involved, but at that time I had the feeling it just wasn’t right.”

    Keanu uses a cellphone on the bus

    As previously mentioned, Reeves and Bullock loved working together on the first Speed, and they stayed friends afterward too. Sandra recently shared a story about how Keanu surprised her with champagne and truffles after Speed was released.

    Bullock lays on top of Reeves

    "I just thought you might want to try champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like," she recalled while talking about their friendship.

    Reeves embraces Bullock near a lake

    Watch Keanu's interview here.