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Kathy Hilton Finally Addressed Her "Rude" Behavior During Mariska Hargitay's People's Choice Awards Speech

Kathy explained her...strange behavior during Mariska's otherwise powerful speech at the awards ceremony.

You're probably aware of what happened earlier this week between Kathy Hilton and Mariska Hargitay at the People's Choice Awards.

If you need a refresher: Kathy was on stage with the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to present Mariska with the Drama TV Star of 2022 award.

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During Mariska's heartfelt speech, Kathy started applying lipstick. She even audibly sighed at one point.

Marsika accepting the award with kathy applying lipstick behind her

People were not happy.

Beyond tacky and rude #KathyHilton #PeopleChoiceAwards #RHOBH

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Now, Kathy is apologizing for her behavior.

Kathy on the red carpet for the event

In a new interview with Extra, Kathy cleared the air and said that she reached out to Mariska privately about the incident.

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"I feel terrible," she said. "I would never do anything to be rude intentionally, and I'm really sorry."

closeup of kathy

Kathy also attempted to explain what, exactly, she was doing on stage during Mariska's speech.

kathy at bravocon

"I actually thought I was going to sneeze, and you don't want to hear me sneeze," she said. "It's the loudest sneeze that you've ever heard in your life."

closeup of kathy

"And I was looking for a tissue, and I didn't have a tissue or a hanky, so I got a little nervous, and I just put some lipstick on, but it was during her speech, so I thought…the camera's not going to be on me."

closeup of kathy

"I didn't think that I was in that shot," she added.

kathy arriving to a place

There you have it. Watch the entire interview here.