Kanye West Reportedly Splurged On Julia Fox's Birthday With Birkin Bags For Her And Her Friends


    Every time there's a story about Kanye West and Julia Fox, it's pretty extravagant — and this is no exception.

    Julia clutches Kanye as they sit next to each other while they wear all denim outfits

    It feels like only yesterday when Fox recounted their lavish first date — actually, it was only a month ago — and it sounds like Kanye went big for her birthday too.

    Fox stands next to Kanye as they next to a car as they wear leather and he wears a full face mask

    People reports that he gifted Julia and her friends Birkin bags during her birthday celebration last night.

    Kanye and Julia Fox walk outside while wearing leather

    "Kanye wanted to make it special for Julia," a source told the publication about the celebration, which took place at NYC restaurants Lucien and Sei Less.

    Kanye and Julia walk through a crowd while wearing all denim

    "He arranged for an extravagant birthday celebration. He showered Julia with gifts and even gifted her friends. Everyone had a great time. Kanye was happy. Julia was ecstatic."

    Kanye and Julia Fox walk next to each other

    People's source also claimed that Fox "has been great" for Kanye, saying, "She is a good focus for him and makes him relax a bit."

    Fox walks while looking at her phone with a scarf tied around her head

    I'm sure Julia and her friends loved the gifts — but the actor and model also cleared the air recently on her podcast, Forbidden Fruits, stating that she "couldn't care" whether people think she's dating Kanye for money or "clout."

    Fox walks while holding a gold purse

    "Honey, I've dated billionaires my entire adult life," she told co-host Niki Takesh. "Let's keep it real."

    Fox poses for a photo while wearing Playboy bunny ear

    Listen to that episode here.