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    Julia Fox Stepped Out In Her Underwear To Pump Gas, And It Was Definitely A Choice

    In case you were wondering about Julia's fashion choices while doing everyday stuff — we've got you covered.

    Julia Fox is at it again.

    Julia posing in a optical illusion halter dress

    Her latest bold fashion choice is a bit of a meta throwback. Remember when she went grocery shopping in her underwear this time last year?

    Julia walking through a parking lot wearing a matching bra and underwear set, blazer, and denim boots

    Well, now she's pumping gas in her underwear.

    That's right — Julia was gassing up a Pontiac GT while wearing Diesel boy shorts, a cropped tee, a blazer, and that's pretty much it.

    And of course, she accessorized with a fuzzy green handbag...

    ...and feather-covered heels.

    All of this went down in Los Angeles, of course. If it went down in New Jersey, Julia wouldn't have even stepped foot out of the car. (Sorry, just a little New Jersey humor.)

    Anyway! This isn't even the wildest look Julia's tried to pull off in the past week — that honorific goes to her all-condom tube top outfit she stepped out in last week.

    What will she wear next?!?!