Joshua Jackson Says He Wouldn't Have Accepted His Role In "The Affair" If He Had Been A Father

    "I wouldn't want to actually do that now."

    Spoilers for The Affair follow.

    At this point, Joshua Jackson is a straight-up veteran of TV. He's been on plenty of shows you've watched, as well as a few you might need to catch up on.

    Joshua in a bow tie and smiling

    One of Joshua's most memorable recent roles was in Showtime's twisty drama The Affair as grieving husband Cole Lockhart, whose son dies just before the show's official timeline kicks off.

    Joshua in a short-sleeved T-shirt

    Playing Cole meant flexing some serious chops for Joshua, and it undoubtedly elevated his profile as an actor. But would he do it again? Not quite.

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    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Joshua revealed that, if he were offered the role of Cole today, he'd more than likely turn it down — and his reasoning is understandable.

    Joshua in a courtroom scene

    In the interview, Joshua explained that welcoming a child with actor and wife Jodie Turner-Smith has likely changed his perspective when it comes to taking on a role like Cole.

    "I wouldn't want to actually do that now," he said. "I'm so glad I shot that before I became an actual father, because it was a place of imagination."

    Close-up of Jodie and Joshua smiling

    Joshua added that keeping track of the show's overlapping storylines and narrative concept — which often featured multiple differing perspectives on the same plot point — could be "challenging" at times, but rewarding as well.

    Joshua smiling and holding a child's hand

    "It was a lot of fun," he said, likening the show to his turn on the trippy sci-fi drama Fringe. "We had to keep the iterations separate in your head, and then I jumped into this other show, which had a very science fiction–conceived idea, even though it's played as a straight drama."

    Joshua with The Affair costar Ruth Wilson, who is holding a baby

    He added, "InThe Affair, the plot stakes were less, being more human scale, but the emotional stakes were higher." No kidding!

    Joshua and Ruth sitting at a table in a scene from The Affair

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