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    JoJo Siwa Talked About Dating Again And Her Feelings After Breaking Up With Kylie Prew

    "Trust me, I want to have a cuddle date."

    JoJo Siwa is getting real about how she's been feeling after her breakup with Kylie Prew.

    Siwa embraces Prew at a red carpet event

    The dance star — who, unsurprisingly, is currently crushing it on Dancing With the Stars — opened up to People about where she's at post-split and how she feels about when she'll be ready to date again.

    Siwa wears a tracksuit and has a microphone near her mouth

    “I fell in love with somebody who I didn’t ever expect to fall in love with," Siwa said. "We met on a cruise ship, she was my best friend. And then we went to Disney together and all of a sudden…it kind of all happened."

    Siwa rubs her hands together while standing in front of other people

    She said that her takeaway from the relationship was "to just trust life and whatever’s supposed to happen is going to happen," and Siwa is taking that same approach to her dating future.

    Siwa wears a backpack while walking in a parking lot

    “I haven’t started dating at all, anybody, but whatever happens happens," she explained while talking about the future. “But trust me, I want to have a cuddle date. So if anybody out there needs a cuddle date, cuddle buddy, I’ll take it.”

    Siwa points her index fingers towards the camera

    Siwa also revealed that she's still in touch with Prew, especially when she's feeling down. “There’s days where I truthfully will cry, and the only thing that I will want is to talk to Ky and I will call and Ky will answer and it’s all okay."

    Siwa poses for a photo with Kylie Prew and Jenna Johnson at Disneyland

    "And there are other days where we don’t talk at all. And I think that either way, it’s okay."

    Siwa and Prew hug in front of a BMW

    Read the entire interview here.