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    John Legend Gets The Same Two Gifts From Chrissy Teigen Every Christmas, And TBH, They Sound Nice

    Who wouldn't want these gifts?

    John Legend has been doing a series of YouTube videos called Legendary Christmas Tales, where he ruminates about his favorite holiday traditions in a big, comfy holiday sweater. It's pretty cute. You can find them on his YouTube page.

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    John Legend / YouTube / Via

    In a recent installment, John revealed the two Christmas gifts that his wife, Chrissy Teigen, gives him every year.

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    John Legend / YouTube / Via

    The first gift, according to John, is "usually a bag that I can carry around for the rest of the year. I literally put everything that I care about in the bag: Laptop, phone, chargers, passport — everything is in that bag."

    He added, "I carry it with me everywhere I go so I'm reminded of Chrissy's great taste and generosity throughout the year."

    John continued, "She also gets me robes. We're a big robe family. We like to wear robes throughout the house all the time."

    He said, "She gets me really good gifts that I can use all the time and feel good, and remember who gave them to me."

    Sounds nice, tbh. Hey, if any of my loved ones out there are reading this while thinking of some last-minute know what to do.