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    Joey King Explained How She Was "Violently High" On The Last Day Of Filming "The Kissing Booth" Sequels

    "It was very unprofessional."

    You know Joey King from Netflix's The Kissing Booth movies.

    Joey smiling during a scene from one of the films

    And you probably know that the series' second and third installments were shot back-to-back simultaneously.

    The Kissing Booth cast on a boat

    But you probably didn't know that Joey got stoned — like, really stoned — on the last day of shooting The Kissing Booth 2 and 3.

    Joey hiding under a bed in one of the Kissing Booth movies

    Joey revealed all in an interview with Chelsea Handler on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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    Joey says that she took an edible right before shooting the pivotal boardwalk scene in The Kissing Booth 3, in which her character Elle has a confrontation with her best friend, Lee (Joel Courtney).

    Joey and Joel in a scene from The Kissing Booth series

    Fellow actor Taylor Zakhar Perez offered the edible to her; he also took one, because he didn't have any more scenes to shoot — but Joey did.

    Joey in a scene with an eye mask from the Kissing Booth series

    "I got, like, so violently high," Joey recalled, after saying that the decision was "very unprofessional."

    Two characters hug by a car in the Kissing Booth series

    "You know when you’re really high, all you know how to say is ‘I’m so high?’ That’s where I was at," she further explained, later emphasizing that when she shot the scene in question she was "so effing high."

    Two characters smiling while reading a piece of paper in the Kissing Booth series

    There you have it, Kissing Booth fans. If you watched the third film and thought, "Hey, something's up with that boardwalk scene," well, you were right on the money.

    The Kissing Booth cast by the pool

    Watch more of Joey's interview with Chelsea here.