Jessica Chastain Got Real About Dropping Out Of High School And Said She Ate Banana Peels In The School Lunch Room

    It sounds strange, yeah — and, well, it is — but Jessica's admission isn't completely without explanation.

    You know Jessica Chastain...

    But did you know she used to eat banana peels when she was younger?

    It's not as weird as it sounds — really. I'll just explain it to you.

    OK, so, Jessica recently sat down for an interview with the Guardian, and she talked about how she struggled while attending school as a child.

    "I had always thought that I wasn't an intelligent person because I did badly at school," she said. "I was an obnoxious kid because I wasn't getting appropriate attention."

    "I would do things like eat banana peels in the lunch rooms so kids would notice me." Damn. She wasn't doing it for the taste, then.

    Jessica also explained that she "wasn't good with homework" (relatable) and would watch TV all day after school (same).

    Jessica eventually dropped out of high school, and she says she spent a lot of her time reading the works of William Shakespeare in her car — whose work she'd discovered after a high school trip to see one of the Bard's plays.

    In the interview, Jessica also recounted how she later joined a theater troupe after dropping out — and how one of her fellow actors in a production of Romeo and Juliet encouraged her to apply to Juilliard for acting.

    The whole thing is really worth a read, and it's pretty inspiring. Check it out here.