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    Jennifer Lopez Re-Created The "Love Don't Cost A Thing" Video, And I Have Some Questions

    Hope she didn't have a hard time finding her possessions afterwards.

    Jennifer Lopez's 2001 album J.Lo is one of her best albums to date, full stop — and it just turned 20 years old on January 23.

    Jennifer Lopez on the cover for Jennifer Lopez's 2001 album J.Lo

    The album is packed with hits, including "I'm Real" and the classic single "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

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    Funny thing about "I'm Real": R&B singer Ashanti played a possible role in the song's creation. Ja Rule recently explained that Ashanti sang on an early reference version of the track, and that some of her original vocals may have been mixed in the background of what was eventually his and J.Lo's hit. For her part, Ashanti has said that she was "mad" at record executive Irv Gotti for giving the song to J.Lo, but that she was also "happy at the same time because it was J.Lo."

    Even J.Lo herself knows how iconic the song is — which is why, in an Instagram post where she celebrated J.Lo's 20th anniversary, she ended her caption with the hashtag #MyLoveDontCostAThing.

    But wait — there's more! J.Lo really upped the ante when it comes to celebrating anniversaries by staging her own re-creation of the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" video on a beach.

    J.Lo specifically re-created the scenes on the beach where she discards her possessions and most of her clothes. This time around, she even threw her bracelet into the sand.

    Jennifer Lopez showing off her ring in her Instagram tribute video to her single "Love Don't Cost a Thing"

    And while she stopped short of replicating the original video's ending in which she took her shirt off while walking into the sea, J.Lo ended her micro-update of the clip with a fake-out nodding to that original ending.

    J.Lo wants you to get in on the fun too. She also tweeted "Can't wait to see your renditions" of what she's calling the #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge.

    The #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge STARTS NOW !!!! Can’t wait to see your renditions. ✨😎✨

    @JLo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JLo

    Uhh, I'm not sure throwing my most expensive possessions in the sand is the best move for me right now, financially. You do you though, J.Lo.