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Jeff Garlin Has Reportedly Parted Ways With "The Goldbergs" After Allegations Of On-Set Inappropriate Behavior

The split was mutually agreed upon.

After nine seasons, Jeff Garlin is leaving The Goldbergs.

Jeff Garlin smiles in a promotional image for The Goldbergs

People confirmed the news, which comes after reports of Garlin's inappropriate behavior on set as well as Garlin's own admission that the studio's HR department had been investigating him for three years.

The Goldberg family in a promotional image wearing matching multicolored sweaters

In a recent and wide-ranging interview with Vanity Fair about the allegations, Garlin claimed that his behavior was "silly" but didn't do anyone any harm.

Garlin leans out the driver's seat of his car in a scene from the show

When asked to address allegations of unwanted hugging on set, Garlin said, "I gotta be honest with you. I am a person who hugs for sure. And it's quick hugs...if you want to write that story, that's a true story. It puts the onus on them to say something, and I would gladly respect anyone who said, 'Please don't hug me. I don't feel comfortable.'"

Garlin puts a remote control to his chin as he sits in a living room with his kids in a scene from the show

Garlin also claimed that he "didn't write" a text to a co-worker suggesting she show up to work "wearing only panties." "But everything that I write like that is about joking," he added. "I am respectful of women and women's bodies. And I don't make jokes about that, because I don't find it funny."

Garlin stares at his co-stars in a kitchen

When asked at the time of the interview if he was fired from the show, Garlin replied, "We're trying to come to a place where we come to an agreement. Either I can behave the way [they want] or not. We'll see, but I'm not being fired and I've not been fired. We're in the middle of talking about what we're going to do, but there will not be a firing."

Garlin stands outside a house with his fictional family

Read Garlin's interview here, and read a report of some of the accusations against him here.