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    Jason Bateman Revealed Why He Didn't Do Much Acting In The 1990s

    "I wanted to get the wiggles out."

    From Ozark to Arrested Development, Jason Bateman's been in a lot of successful stuff over the past few decades.

    Bateman smiles at a red carpet event

    He also got a start in the acting biz at an early age, with roles on TV shows like The Hogan Family and Little House on the Prairie — but in the 1990s, he wasn't nearly as visible.

    Bateman makes a half-smile while looking off-camera

    In an interview with the Guardian, Bateman explained that he intentionally stepped away from working so much during the decade, "to catch up with all these inabilities I had as a kid, because I was always working. I wanted to get the wiggles out."

    Bateman stands at a step-and-repeat

    To hear Bateman tell it, that period of downtime involved some partying as well, which hurt him a little in the long run.

    Bateman buttons his coat while walking at an event

    "Having thought, 'This is really fun,' and staying at the party a little bit too long, I'd lost my place in line in the business," he explained. "It was a case of trying to claw that back towards the end of the 90s, and not getting a lot of great responses."

    Bateman smiles at an event

    Of course, Bateman's career resurgence kicked off with Arrested Development in 2003 — and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Bateman looks off-camera

    Read the entire interview here.