Jamie Lee Curtis Kicked Off The 2023 SAG Awards With A "Nepo Baby" Joke That Was Pretty Well-Timed

    This isn't the first time Jamie Lee Curtis has addressed the "nepo baby" discourse...but it might be the funniest.

    So, in case you missed it, the Screen Actors Guild Awards — or, the SAGs if you're a fan of the whole brevity thing — went down in Hollywood tonight.

    Screen Actors Guild Awards statue

    One of the many stars in attendance was Jamie Lee Curtis, who also took home the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role award for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

    Closeup of Jamie Lee Curtis

    During the show's cold open, there was a whole thing where actors recounted moments in their own careers to reaffirm why they are actors, an annual SAGs tradition. Jamie Lee was one of the people who participated this year.

    Closeup of Jamie Lee Curtis

    During her bit, Jamie Lee explained how she started out on a TV show, Operation Petticoat, in the late 1970s — a program that was a remake of a film that her father, Tony Curtis, starred in back in 1959.

    Closeup of Jamie Lee Curtis

    While recounting this fact, Jamie Lee then dropped a "nepo baby" into the monologue — reaffirming that she is, in fact, a nepo baby.

    Jamie Lee Curtis proudly referring to herself as a nepo baby during her “I am an actor” speech was perfection #SAGAwards

    @SpencerAlthouse / Netflix / Via Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

    The moment was pretty funny — and she had a chance to replicate it during her acceptance speech later in the night.

    Closeup of Jamie Lee Curtis

    "I'm a nepo baby, and I totally get it," she said to laughs in the audience.

    Jamie Lee Curtis accepting her SAG Award

    "The truth of the matter is that I'm 64 years old, and this is just amazing."

    Jamie Lee Curtis accepting her SAG award

    Congrats to Jamie Lee on the win!