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    Jamie Dornan Says That The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Criticism Was "F*cking Difficult"

    "Real critics hated the books."

    Hey, remember Fifty Shades of Grey? A lot of people saw, and liked, those movies! Also, a lot of people didn't.

    Jamie Dornan looks in the distance with the words "GREY HOUSE" behind him

    Yes, the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise — both the books and the movies — were definitely love-it-or-hate-it (or, love-to-hate-it) affairs. And Jamie Dornan, who played Christian Grey in the films, is well aware.

    Dornan stands in front of a helicopter looking at Dakota Johnson

    In a recent interview with British GQ, Dornan pointed out that the books were loved by fandom...and despised by every critic. Real critics hated the books.”

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    Dornan said that when he took the role after Charlie Hunnam dropped out, he "felt the wrath of hatred" and already knew what he was getting himself into. "You know that you’re going to have these movies that are for the fans...that are gonna make a ton of money," he explained.

    Dornan and Johnson's faces are intimately close to each other as he touches her face

    "But you know that the critics will be...licking their lips, and that’s exactly what happened. And we knew that was going to happen, so you’re watching that play out, and at times that’s fucking difficult.”

    Dornan holds Johnson's face

    Despite those challenges, though, Dornan doesn't regret making the Fifty Shades films — not one bit. "Every move I have made in my career...I have only been able to do because of those films," he explained.

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    "Any, like, well-received more independent stuff I’ve done the last five or six years...they’re only paying for those films to be made off my name because I’m in a franchise that made $1.4 billion. That’s how that works. It’s all part of it, it’s given me so much, so of course I don’t regret it.”

    Dornan places his hand on Johnson's shoulder while facing her

    Watch the whole interview here.